How To Install VirtualBox on Kali Linux

2 min readFeb 6, 2024


Hello introduce me Hades. in the content of this article I will discuss how to install virtualbox on linux times, especially.

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Preparation for Installing VirtualBox on Kali Linux:
1. Kali Linux (already installed in virtualbox)
2. Donwload VirtualBox

Next comes the installation stage:
1. After downloading the virtualbox file we give permission
2. type the following command: chmod +x <name_file.deb>
3. then install: sudo dpkg -i <name_file.deb>
4. an error message appears package libvpx7 is not installed, meaning that to install virtualbox the libvpx7 package is required.

Case installation failed virtualbox on Kali Linux

5. download the libvpx7 file
6. then give permission: chmod +x <name_file_contoh_libvpx.deb>
7. then install: sudo dpkg -i <name_file_contoh_libvpx7.deb>
8. then install the virtualbox again
9. and the result is virtualbox successfully installed on kali linux.

Installation Success
Virtualbox on Kali Linux

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